Weekends were made for….


Weekends were made for…

… Recovering from basically 6 weeks of nonstop travel. I am not complaining because it’s been amazing what we’ve been able to do and see but man it sure does take its toll.

….Doing tons of laundry and restocking the fridge and pantry

…. Decorating for the Holidays a few days early. Listen I love Thanksgiving but next weekend is crazy for us so I bit the bullet and decorated early.

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….Seeing Mockingjay at my favorite theatre, iPic with my husband and yes it was just as amazing as I had hoped! Plus we had wine.

….Eating healthy meals because we ate like crap on vacation and needed green smoothies stat!

….Catching up on blog reading

…..Starting new books like Drinking and Tweeting which is the perfect, hilarious light weekend read. Also catching up on magazines. My current favorites are Domino, Glamour, Time, The Economist and Vogue.


…. Organizing for the week ahead so Monday isn’t too harsh of a blow

…. Major DVR catch up with tons of coffee and blankets not to mention my new Holiday mug


…Planning out week night catch up dates with my friends …Shout out Michele and Ally

…Also lots and lots of sleep and cuddles with the husband and as always enjoying being newlyweds!


What do you think weekends were made for? 


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