Shows That Should Be on Netflix IMO

Oh Netflix. We have quite the love/hate relationship. I love that I can binge watch any of your shows or movies and laze myself away on a weekend or sick day. I hate that there are so many TV shows that should be on there with me binge watching them.

So this blog post came from a phone conversation with my BFF Ashley¬†we were talking about shows that should be on Netflix. Why aren’t they? Where are these shows!!???


So without further adieu…


1. Everwood: Probably my favorite show of all time but also with critics ranked a show that got canceled way before it’s time. My opinion? It was on the wrong network. I was 18 when the show started and as I have gotten older and watched it again and again I feel it’s more of a show for adults. It was on a channel for teens. No dice. If you have not watched Everwood and you have a way to, I highly suggest it. Also Netflix please put Everwood on!

2. Gilmore Girls: I don’t feel as though this needs a lot of explanation but OMG for the love of Copper Boom put Gilmore Girls on Netflix. How many of us love Gilmore Girls? Wish there was a reunion? Wish it never ended? I know I am not alone here. Nuff said….bring back Luke!

3. 7th Heaven: OK guilty pleasure time. I loved 7th Heaven. #TeamLucy I know it was campy and silly and totally G rated ridiculous but I loved it. This is one that for sure needs to be on Netflix.

4. Friends: Not even elaborating here. Really guys? You don’t have FRIENDS on Netflix?

5. Brothers and Sisters: My 2nd all time fav family drama after Parenthood. I loved the first few seasons. The last one was kinda crappy but all in all great show and needs some Netflix loving.


What is one show you would love to see on Netflix?


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