Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Workout/Diet

I have not done Wedding Wednesday in a while and since there are only 6 more Wednesdays till our wedding I figured a Wedding Wednesday was in order.

Oh man I am so ready for this 6 weeks to fly by. I think saying yes to the dress also means saying no to to your lifestyle as you know it. I would say for the first few months after I bought my dress I was very good about diet and exercise. When I went for my first fitting the dress was HUUUUGE on me and they said to stop losing weight. Then I went for my second fitting and the dress fit perfect. So then I was like crap  I need to diet and exercise more. I guess I don’t really diet so much as stay very conscious of my portions and what I am eating. I also exercise 5-6 times a week which is no different than what I was doing before. I have been focusing on toning more than cardio though.




Where are my other bride friends who during the wedding planning just want a giant cheeseburger and fries? Cause some days I just want to eat all the foods.

I want to not work out although I do love working out.

I am ready to be on my honeymoon I won’t lie.

I know this sounds kind of ramble post ish but these are the Wedding things on my mind this week. That and where on earth should I put all the gifts? Our second closet is already full because it houses a lot of clothes as well.

Thank god Andrew is helpful.


So what were you thinking 6 weeks before your wedding? 


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