Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


Happy Friday friends! Are you black Friday shopping? I myself am in quite the turkey coma but that’s not stopping me from my crazy day of working from the couch while eating leftovers.

My Friday Favorites this week are:

1. Thanksgiving: It was such a great Thanksgiving! Andrew and I went to the Cowboys/Eagles game courtesy of the amazing people at Verizon and we had a blast! The tailgate was fun as always and we always love seeing some rivals go at it. Then we went to my moms for dinner and Andrew’s friend Amaan joined us. What a great group to celebrate with. I did miss going to my aunt’s and seeing my dads family this year but I hope they understood that we had Cowboys tickets haha.

2. Christmas: It is now socially acceptable to listen to Holiday music, watch Love Actually and stare at our gorgeous tree. Yes we’ve been doing this for a month but now it’s social acceptable. Hold on I need to go eat some Peppermint Hersey Kisses.

3. 2 Years: On December 1st it will be two years since Andrew and my first date. Crazy to think that 2 years ago we started dating and now we are nearly two months into marriage. It’s been an incredible two years and I am so happy he is mine!!

4. Being Organized: I had all of my blog posts written for the week last Saturday and honestly it felt good going into the week like that. I am the kind of person that plans my posts out months in advance but that doesn’t ALWAYS mean they are written too far in advance but I really like having them done at least a week or two in advance. Phew!

5. Hot Chocolate: I have been quite the hot chocolate lover this year. Not that it’s new for me but we bought some amazing peppermint hot chocolate and it is quite addictive. It’s Targets Archers Farm brand and I highly recommend picking some up and enjoying!  I also love the Swiss miss :)



What are your Friday Favorites? 



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