Holiday Shopping Extravaganza Day 5


So we all love coffee or at least hot cocoa right? How much better would that Starbucks cup look with an adorable coffee cozy? I bought one from Jen and then while writing this post I bought another….thats how cute they are….dont believe me? Take a look! Also these would make PERFECT stocking stuffers no?

I am happiest when I am being creative so I have a few outlets … painting, taking pictures, drawing, sewing… and of course YARN! My mom taught me to crochet when I was young and these days I carry a bag of yarn and a hook almost everywhere I go. I live in Portland, Oregon and I love it here. When I am not crafting, I like to play outside (even in the rain), listen to music and spend time with my family and friends. I love to give handmadegifts¬†and I made my first cozy for a friend. It was so fun to make and everyone loved it and insisted I make more. At some point I became unable to stop and figured that in order to support my yarn habit and maintain space in my apartment for living, I probably should sell them and an Etsy shop seemed like the perfect plan. I really love having a shop and I feel honored when people choose me to make their handmade¬†gifts.



Want to win one of your own? The winner will get to choose whichever cozy they want from Jens shop! YAY!

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  1. says

    How about the ten pack!? LOL Just kidding… (kind of)

    This is hard! I love the light pink with the gray heart and the navy blue with the hot pink bird. I refuse to go to the second page, because that will only make me more indecisive! lol

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