Marriage Advice with Meghan

Today I have one of my dearest friends Meghan to talk a little about marriage advice while I am sipping a mai tai and reading probably my 9th book of the week. Meghan and her husband are two of the most amazing people I have ever met and I adore them so!!


Hi there! I’m Meghan, and I blog (very infrequently now that I am a mother!) over at The Perfect Compilation Tape.  Neely and I met many, many moons ago, and have traveled quite a bit together.  Fun fact?  Whenever we travel, we find a barre class to take together – even if it means getting up at 5:00 a.m. while on vacation.  Anywho, I am so thrilled for her and her new HUSBAND! Congrats, Neely and A!

Since she’s off honeymooning in one of my favorite places in the world, I am excited to guest post for her and share my “Top 5″ pieces of marriage advice.

#TBT to about one month ago when the husband & I went to a wedding. I'd give my left arm for a date night right about now. Life is incredibly hectic for both of us right now, & we're operating on opposite schedules, but there's an end in sight!
(This is Mike, my bearded husband of almost six years.  We just had our first baby – a girl – last fall, and it’s been a wild ride moving into the next chapter of our marriage!)
I am certainly no expert, but here are a few tips that I have learned myself over the years, and I try to keep these in mind each day.
5.)  Keep things in perspective.
From wedding planning to buying a home to having a baby, life can be stressful and chaotic.  But honestly?  I don’t remember what type of flowers I carried down the aisle.  I feel silly that I got so mad at Mike when he forgot his driver’s license at our closing.  And the 3am argument over what to do with the screaming baby?  It’s a total blur.  But I do remember how I felt when I saw Mike for the first time on our wedding day.  And I remember that first night in our new home and how excited we were.  And I will always remember how Mike looked at me while I was in labor.  And it’s those moments I try and focus on when life gets crazy.
4.) Date each other.
This is easier said than done, in my opinion, but so necessary.  Now that Mike and I have a baby, this is a little harder for us to schedule.  But it’s so important to have time alone.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I knew we needed to work on this when we were at a funeral a few weeks ago, and I realized that the funeral was the most time we spent together alone in weeks.  Crazy, right?  As a result, we’re in the process of finding a baby-sitter so we can get out of the house and have dinner without worrying about our daughter throwing food on the floor:)
3.) Choose your battles.
Mike and I are polar opposites in a lot of ways.  I would rather travel / he would rather stay home.  I am a neat freak / he’s messy.  And despite the fact that he leaves his crap everywhere, I’ve come to realize that it’s not worth making a federal case over it.
2.) Learn your spouse’s communication style – and respect it.
See #3.  We’re polar opposites.  Therefore, if we get into an argument, I am the type who wants to resolve it immediately.  Mike needs time to cool off.  So, as hard as it is, I’ve learned that I need to respect his space when he asks for it.
1.)  Laugh.  At yourself.  At each other.  A lot.
If there is one thing we know how to do, it’s laugh.  Marriage doesn’t always need to be so serious.  Have a little fun.  Relax.

Honeymoon Beauty Essentials

Today I have my dear dear friend Meg sharing some Honeymoon Beauty Essentials for you guys. If you need me i’ll be drinking a mai tai on the beach….


Hey everyone! My name is Meg and I run a family-friendly beauty and lifestyle blog over at Meg O. on the Go. If you like makeup, pretty babies, and fun videos, come and give me a look!

First of all, a HUGE congratulations to Neely and A! You guys are a fantastic couple and I’m so happy for you! While the newlyweds are off honeymooning in Hawaii (can we say jealous?!), I’m filling in today to talk about my favorite travel beauty essentials.

If I were going on my honeymoon again (side note: I can’t believe my honeymoon was over five years ago!), these are my absolute honeymoon beauty essentials. I mean, aside from all the other makeup I would pack…


1. CC Cream

Being out in the sun and sand all day calls for sunscreen, but if you want a little more coverage, I highly suggest a CC Cream. The It Cosmetics CC Cream is one of my absolute favorites because it gives me natural, yet flawless looking coverage and it’s easy to apply and forget about it. Perfect for me while I’ve got a newborn in the home and need to escape the house for a target run. But this isn’t for newborn mom purposes…this is for a gloriously glowing bride on the beach. And it totally works for that, too.

2. Bronzer

Nothing will make you look like a gloriously glowing bride like a little bit of bronzer. I love using a matte bronzer like the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil because it gives an even warmth to the skin without making me look like a glittery vampire. I even like to apply this to the neck and chest to give even more of a beachy glow during the summer. This product is also super simple to use and is great for beach days or if you want to do a little more heavy contouring for those date nights.

3. Waterproof Mascara

I have no shame in admitting that I will put on waterproof mascara before any outdoor or water activity. I just can’t live without mascara in general. I highly recommend my old favorite L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara in Waterproof. Gives great volume and length and stays put!

4. Bold Lipstick

I know Neely loves her lipstick, and I am right there with her! Nothing spices up an outfit for date night like an amazing, bold lipstick. It’s so easy to do because the rest of your makeup can be super minimal. One of my favorite bold lipsticks of all time is MAC’s Candy Yum Yum. It’s so much fun and I always get compliments on it!

5. Sea Salt Spray

Let’s face it, I know you won’t want to spend a ton of time on your hair during the day when you are relaxing. There’s no use in heat styling your hair. This is where a wave spray comes in handy! You literally just spray it in your hair, scrunch, and go. I’ve loved the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray for days like these (although I haven’t even been to Hawaii… yeah, still super jealous). It gives the right amount of texture without making your hair feel crunchy.

So there you have it! All my married ladies out there – what would you recommend bringing on your honeymoon? Any “must-not-forgets”?

If you’ve liked what you read today, be sure to come by and say hi to me on my blog, and you can also follow me on facebook, instagram, or twitter. Thanks again, Neely, for having me and have an absolute blast in Hawaii!!

Take Time to De-Stress

​Hey guys I’m honeymooning away but today I have Ali here to talk about meditation, stress and how to calm down!

Life can be so unpredictable….with jobs, significant others, friends, family obligations, weddings (Neely!), that sometimes we don’t even know which way is up. It is easy to get overwhelmed, and that is when stress starts to take over.

As a meditation teacher, one of my goals is to help people figure out how to hit “the pause button” during stressful situations and handle them with more ease and grace. Meditation takes you from a reactive place to a more responsive one, and we all know what can happen when we react and fly off the handle instead of responding to something thoughtfully. That is when we take things personally, make assumptions and loose our cool. Let’s not even go there right now! Instead let’s talk about a better way to handle stress.

Taking even just three long, slow, deep breaths can reset your nervous system and take you from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest.” When you feel anxiety setting in, the first thing you should do is stop and breathe.

You can also have a mantra or affirmation that you say when you start to feel stressed. An example of one to use when your to do list feels overwhelming is, “I have time to complete all my tasks with ease.” Say that five or six times out loud and tackling your list will feel much more doable. One of my favorite mantras from Gabby Bernstein is “peace begins with me,” and I use that one often. Just be sure to use a positive statement and the present tense.

Taking a 4-7-8 breath is another great way to combat stress. To do this breathe in for a count of 4, hold it for a count of 7, and exhale for a count of 8. Doing this 3 times will do wonders for your nervous system and your anxiety!

If you would like to find out more about meditation and mindfulness, visit my website at  The 5 Essentials of Meditation is my gift to you when you sign up for my newsletter, and it is incredibly helpful in getting you started with meditation. I also offer Intro to Meditation classes in Houston or via Skype, so don’t let anything get in your way of learning how to meditate. Meditation changed my life, and I would love to inspire you to incorporate it into yours as well.

photo (54)


Ozarka Texas Traditions and a Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Ozarka promoting Texas Traditions. I am compensated for this post however all opinions are my own. 

Growing up in Texas the actual Friday Night Lights were a big deal. Football games, tailgating, becoming a cheerleader etc. I can remember going to my first Cowboys game as a young child and also being at local high school football games before I could see the field without needing to be held up.


Yep me as a high school cheerleader circa 1998…let’s not judge the bad hair and braces


I knew I wanted to be a cheerleader when I got into high school to have my own “Texas Tradition” of high school cheerleading. I loved being a cheerleader. I loved those Friday nights at football games and homecoming. I also loved going back for my 10 year reunion and tailgating for the homecoming game and enjoying time with friends and reminiscing about our high school.

526331_796166964807_429775051_n 3913_796168496737_989654064_n

With friends at my 10 year high school reunion football game

When I was a cheerleader water was super important during practice, games and competition. So of course we always had Ozarka. I also grew up in a house where if I brought home another brand of water my mom looked at me like I was an alien. She was an Ozarka lifer…still is. In our home now we also only have Ozarka water. Ozarka has always been a part of my own Texas Traditions. So I am beyond thrilled to take part in this campaign.  Ozarka, the 100% natural spring water from Texas, is proud to support the Southlake Carroll High School football program as the official bottled water of their Dragon Stadium. With the start of the high school football season, Ozarka has launched the “Taste the Texas Tradition” campaign celebrating the many football traditions, from tailgating to victory celebrations. Share your favorite football traditions with us on Twitter or Facebook using #TexasTradition and #H2Ozarka. Visit or follow @OzarkaSpringWtr to find out more.

Here is a fun little bonus:

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This post is sponsored by Ozarka promoting Texas Traditions. I am compensated for this post however all opinions are my own. 

Depression: A View

Hey Guys while I am off on my honeymoon I have a few awesome guest bloggers taking over. I will have a few of my own posts too but lets spice things up with some new perspectives. First up is Beth. I have known Beth since she was in Kindergarten. I was a few years older but we went to the same elementary school, junior high and high school. Once she started blogging we reconnected and have become great friends. You will love her!


Hi ‘Yall! I am so jealous …why you are reading this Neely and A are enjoying fun in the sun (and other stuff) in Hawaii! I thought I would blog about a hush hush topic: Depression…and even more of a hush hush topic: ECT.

Do you ever feel like staying in bed all day with the covers over you head and the lights dimmed down? For some it’s a blue funk, but for others Depression is a day-to-day struggle.

I’m blessed in that although medicine does not work for me, something did…..ECT.

I usually don’t talk about the fact that I’ve had ECT multiple times, but this is all part of ending the stigma.

ECT stands for Electroconvulsive Therapy. I’m no doctor, but basically they put you to sleep and shock your brain in order to create seizures. By the grace of God this healed me! I still take meds for maintenance, because I tried going off meds one time, and that was a no-go.

If you are taking anti-depressant meds and they aren’t working, know that there are other methods to help you live a functional life. I want to raise awareness and end the stigma that ECT is NOT like the movie One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest.

Jack Nicholson

Kitty Dukakis, wife of former Mass. Gov. Michael Dukakis wrote a great book called Shock, detailing her experience with ECT. Other celebrities receiving ECT include Judy Garland and Ernest Hemingway.

Feel free to ask me any questions at my blog Everything Is Comin’ Up Roses

The Honeymooners

Today we are off on our Honeymoon! 9 days in Hawaii! YESSSSS! I have never been so I am pretty excited.


I will still be blogging. Lots of posts scheduled and I will be posting honeymoon snaps on Instagram so make sure you follow me!

I also have some great guest bloggers lined up for a few of the days I am gone.

I will be back with lots of fun honeymoon recaps in a couple of weeks!!


5 Things in My Travel Bag

Tomorrow we are leaving for Hawaii bright and early! Yes it is honeymoon time! We have a short layover in Arizona and then for 9 days I errrr we will be beaching, getting massages, relaxing and sipping on Mai Tai’s!

I wanted to share the things with you I always have when I am on an airplane. The 5 Things in my Travel Bag that no matter what I always carry.


Travel Bag

I carry everything in my Barrington Gifts tote bag with my new monogram on it! NAM! WOOO! It doesn’t look exactly like the one above I am fairly certain the style of mine is not made anymore but it is Navy and white and perfect!

Onto the 5 Things in my travel bag:

1. iPad: Always! This has my books, movies, magazines, ability to check my social media, watch Netflix and so many other things. It’s really a magical device no? This is the first thing that goes into my bag and I always make sure I have it. Plus lots of extra ways to charge it. I carry my iPad in a gorgeous Gigi New York iPad case that I love.

2. Tory Burch Travel Wallet: I have a giant Tory Burch wallet I always use for travel because it zips around and is perfect for boarding passes, tickets, etc. Plus it houses the important things like my license, credit and debit cards.

3. A Variety of One Truffle Pouches: I have purchased about 5 of these in various sizes and I use them for everything. One for my makeup/beauty products I carry daily. I have one that has all of my chargers. I use another for snacks and various items. They are the perfect way to organize things in your bag so you can find them easily.

4. My new EOS Vanilla Mint lip balm: I mentioned above I keep beauty products in a One Truffle bag but I had to point this one out specifically because since I found it at Target a few weeks ago it has become a daily life staple. I adore EOS but this combo of Vanilla Mint is just perfect. Go get yourself one ASAP!

5. Orbit Wintermint Gum: This is my favorite gum and really the only gum both Andrew and I love. We always have tons especially when we travel. I also take tons of mints because I am obsessed with starlight mints! But this gum has been my favorite for probably a decade and I could not travel without it.


Of course I have other things in my travel bag but these are the 5 Things in my travel bag you will always find!


What is in your travel bag?

Sunday Social: The Final Edition

I will be so sad to read everyones final Sunday Social posts but we are so happy you guys have linked up with us for over two years! We love this link up and you but we want to spice things up which is why in November you will see a new Sunday linkup from us that you will just love! Keep your eye out!!!



Sunday Social


Final Questions:


How did you come up with your blog name? It’s a metaphor for the days where you get all dressed up, do your makeup and then nothing exciting happens you know a waste of makeup.
What is your favorite thing about blogging? HANDS DOWN! The friends I have made and the opportunities I have been given. The fact that this is my job is something I never thought possible.

527698_10101233018263402_877901690_n 1012343_10100525602540531_1728513916_n


(A blogger birthday at Blissdom 2013 and my best frannnnd)

What is one thing you have discovered because of blogging and now cant live without? Emily Ley planners! THE BEST!

Facebook or Twitter? and why? Twitter: I like it quick and easy!
If one celeb read your blog who would you want it to be? Tori Spelling. Because I love her!
What is something you want people to know about your blog? It’s a little bit of everything. I take all aspects of my life and roll it together. It is not one niche and it never will be.


Come link up with us and get some Sunday Social action on! Also don’t forget to come find our new link up in November!!!