Shows That Should Be on Netflix IMO

Oh Netflix. We have quite the love/hate relationship. I love that I can binge watch any of your shows or movies and laze myself away on a weekend or sick day. I hate that there are so many TV shows that should be on there with me binge watching them.

So this blog post came from a phone conversation with my BFF Ashley we were talking about shows that should be on Netflix. Why aren’t they? Where are these shows!!???


So without further adieu…


1. Everwood: Probably my favorite show of all time but also with critics ranked a show that got canceled way before it’s time. My opinion? It was on the wrong network. I was 18 when the show started and as I have gotten older and watched it again and again I feel it’s more of a show for adults. It was on a channel for teens. No dice. If you have not watched Everwood and you have a way to, I highly suggest it. Also Netflix please put Everwood on!

2. Gilmore Girls: I don’t feel as though this needs a lot of explanation but OMG for the love of Copper Boom put Gilmore Girls on Netflix. How many of us love Gilmore Girls? Wish there was a reunion? Wish it never ended? I know I am not alone here. Nuff said….bring back Luke!

3. 7th Heaven: OK guilty pleasure time. I loved 7th Heaven. #TeamLucy I know it was campy and silly and totally G rated ridiculous but I loved it. This is one that for sure needs to be on Netflix.

4. Friends: Not even elaborating here. Really guys? You don’t have FRIENDS on Netflix?

5. Brothers and Sisters: My 2nd all time fav family drama after Parenthood. I loved the first few seasons. The last one was kinda crappy but all in all great show and needs some Netflix loving.


What is one show you would love to see on Netflix?

5 Things I Hate

So maybe I’m weird but there are things I hate doing that so many other people love doing. I wanted to see if I was alone or if there are other weirdos out there like me :)

So here are 5 Things I Hate and maybe you hate them too!


1. Grocery Shopping: I swear grocery stores(Target not included cause it’s Target) make me stabby. I hate the crowds of people in the produce section, I hate waiting with a number for someone to help me get the half pound of honey turkey I need from the deli. I hate so many things about grocery stores gah! So this is why Andrew does the grocery shopping. That and because he actually loves it.

2. Driving: I HAAAAATE driving! OK really I hate traffic. I don’t actually mind driving. I hate driving in Texas Summers because my car never really cools down. I love sitting in the passenger seat though…count me in for that any day.

3. Shopping in person: I am such an online shopper. I swear the invention of the internet ruined me for shopping. I hate walking around crowded malls, the parking, the lines and people. I love however sitting in my jammies with a cup of coffee or glass of wine and shopping online thought. AMIRITE?

4. Red Wine: Gives me the worst migraines. I have been trying so hard to find one I love. Every single red wine I have tried makes me have horrible headaches. Any suggestions would be super appreciated.

5. Being Outside When It’s Hot: Yeah Im an indoors kinda gal. Won’t like there. Mosquitos, sweat, no thanks. Give me a cooler day and you can’t get me outside fast enough. I am so not a lay by the pool in 100 degree weather person. Pale skin don’t care.


Weird things I love:


Vacuum Lines

Running errands in one day

Hot coffee in the Summer

Working Out


What about you what is something you hate that other people love?


Summer Favorites Thus Far

Well it is almost August! How did that happen??? With Summer nearing it’s end or eh half way point however you look at it. I decided to share some of my favorite things from this Summer so far. They are pretty varied but I always love looking back to see what was going on and what I loved. So here are my Summer Favorites Thus Far:

Summer Favs
1. The Fault in Our Stars: Both the book and the movie were amazing. I really got into the book and read it so fast! The movie held up to my expectations.
2. My Louis Neverfull: While I love this all the time I have been using it a ton this Summer. I have been on the go a lot with work meetings, wedding planning etc and I love that it holds everything I need.
3. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush: I have talked about this blush so many times! It is the best blush and I highly recommend it!
4. Revlon Mascara: I got this in a pop sugar must have box and I have been using it ever since. It is truly amazing and so pretty on!
5. Vaseline Lip Therapy: AHHHH that was angels singing. This stuff makes your lips so very soft and repairs any dry lip situation you may have! Just perfect!
6. Nest Candles: If I could buy stock in Nest Candles I would because that’s how much I love them. I have 2 and that’s just not enough. They smell so good even when not lit. You know a candle is legit when you don’t even have to light it for it to smell amazing.
7. Wildfox Everything: Just plain obsessed with Wildfox right now. Can’t stop won’t stop. So comfy and easy to wear clothing. Love!
8. Ray Ban Aviators: I have had the same pair since high school. Seriously. 15 years going strong on my aviators. What I love is that these look great on nearly everyone and they are so practical.
9. Jack Rogers Sandals: I have had Jack Rogers flats for a few years but this was the first Summer I got a few pairs of sandals. I love them. They really don’t take longer than a few days to break in and they are so comfy and go with everything.
10. Smart Water: Well when you need to drink more water plus have electrolytes all day this is the key. Love it! It’s a little pricey but I love it.
What are you loving so far this Summer? 

The One with the Diagnosis

It started over a year ago. I noticed I was really tired. Not tired like I didn’t get enough sleep but tired like I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I attributed it to the fact that I was diagnosed with Anemia when I was 15. Turns out I am not anemic. I thought all these years that is why I was cold all the time, bruised easy, tired, lethargic, dizzy when I stand up, and so many more things.

Last August I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I thought that was the end. I thought OK medicine will help and I will feel better. Only I did not. The next 11 months were spent seeing various doctors of all kinds who had no idea what was wrong with me. My blood pressure is abnormally low and my heart rate abnormally high when I stand. I get dizzy and faint. I pass out. But I look normal. I don’t look sick. What was wrong with this seemingly healthy girl? Blood work? Perfect nothing wrong. Thyroid levels? Perfect now on medicine.

So what was wrong?? That was the million dollar question for months and months. I would cry because I wanted my life to feel normal. I wanted to feel better. There were days I was fine. I would work out, work, run errands, do laundry etc. Then there were days I could barely move. 9 hours of sleep was never enough and I felt useless.

Finally Andrews brother who is a Neurologist told Andrew to look into something called POTS. POTS is Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Fancy name right? It basically means everything in my body I can’t control is not working right. I can’t control my temp, my heart rate, my blood pressure, temp, my digestive system, the serotonin in my head, everything. What’s crazy about POTS is it’s such a new disease that not that many people have it or well know they have it. 500,000-1 million diagnosed. Not that many.

Once we knew what to look for we found a specialist here in Dallas(fact there are not many specialists for POTS so we got super lucky). The doctor is amazing and he has been such a help to me and made me feel like “No Neely you are not crazy something is for sure wrong with you.”

I don’t want to go on and on about what it means but there is a great video below if you are interested.

The Dr told us after all of the tests(around 24 plus a sleep study) that what he thought was POTS was in fact something called Orthostatic Hypotension. It’s very very very similar. A lot of the same issues etc. My biggest difference was my blood pressure. My heart rate jumps 40 plus bpms when I stand up and my blood pressure plummets. I do not have strong enough leg muscles to make my vessels constrict and have the blood keep flowing throughout my body and into my brain. Basically my body doesn’t like when I stand up and doesn’t quite know what to do. Standing for long periods of time also not really happening for me.

They are both autonomic disorders and have very similar symptoms.

I was also diagnosed with something called EDS or Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. So basically this is what it means:  is an inherited connective tissue disorder with different presentations that have been classified into several primary types. EDS is caused by a defect in the structure, production, or processing of collagen or proteins that interact with collagen, such as mutations in the COL5A or COL3A genes.(This is the collagen of granulation tissue, and is produced quickly by young fibroblasts before the tougher type I collagen is synthesized. Reticular fiber. Also found in artery walls, skin, intestines and the uterus.–COL3A1).


(taken from the internets)


Yeah Im overly flexible and I just thought it was a cool thing I could do. Turns out not so much.

So what does all this mean?


The last 3 weeks I have had 24 medical tests, a sleep study and several meetings with the Doctor. I have more tests this week, lots of blood being drawn and meetings with a nutritionist(I now have to have about 60 grams of protein a day and 10 of salt), a physiologist because I have to have a certain type of workout introduced into what I already do. I also need to see a genetics doctor.


Can you catch POTS/Orthostatic Hypotension? Nope. It is not something you can get from me.

Is it life threatening? Nope it’s life altering. I have to make changes to my day to day life and what I can and can’t do in a given day.

Will it go away? Nope it’s here to stay.

How does my family/Andrew feel about it? They are very supportive and understanding of my limitations and diagnosis. Andrew went to every single doctor appt and test with me and did not leave my side. My parents were of course upset and worried at first but now understand it more.

So what does this mean for me? I have to listen to my body. When I am tired I sleep. When I need to sit down I sit down. I drink a ton of electrolyte water and a ton of water in general. I eat more salty foods to help my blood pressure. I have to alter the way I workout, eat, sleep basically everything. I am also on a new medicine. It’s starting to help a little, it gives me more energy during the day but they started me on a super low dose and will keep increasing it.


Can I work out? Yes if my body is up to it that day. Most days it is. I am very tired after but I can do regular normal 30 year old girl activities. But my workouts will be changing or rather I will be supplementing my current workouts with new types of workouts.

Will it effect me having children? Probably not. One step at a time though. I will have to see a high risk pregnancy doctor when that time comes.


Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions. I am an open book and I am sharing this on my blog not for sympathy but because if you feel like something is just not right with your body. Do not give up till you get answers. I spent over a year dealing with this before I got answers and I am so glad I didn’t just say “oh well” and give up. You know your body better than anyone.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day and please please let me know if you have questions.

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Things I Learned From Felicity

So here is the thing I loved Felicity. I just freaking loved that show. I have probably seen the entire series about 10 times. Felicity started her freshmen year of college as I started my freshmen year of high school. Literally that’s what I thought college would be like. I wanted to share the things I myself learned from Felicity.

1. Following a guy you don’t know at all to college might actually work out for you but also kind of makes you look crazy: So Felicity followed Ben. They ended up together(SPOILER ALERT) but still he kinda thought she was nuts at first. #TEAMBEN


2. Dating your RA not a good plan: Freshmen year Felicity dated her BFF and RA Noel Crane. We all knew this wouldn’t last for so many reasons but we knew once Felicity girl screwed this up or Noel went all Noel on her it was going to be bad.

3. Even if your roommate is your total opposite you may just end up being best friends: Felicity and Megan were about as opposite as myself and well Kim Kardashian but they ended up becoming best friends and living together most of college. You just never know.


4. Do not cheat on people: NO seriously just do not do it. It always ends bad. Especially for Felicity. Damn you Noel!


5. Break Up Kits can be kinda cool: Noel had a breakup kit that he brought Felicity when her and Ben were going through some troubled times and I thought wow everyone should have a breakup kit! We would just be so much better off in those bad times right?

6. Following your passion may lead you back to where you started: Felicity started as pre med then she followed her passion much to her parents dismay and majored in art. But at the end of it all she went back to pre med. Just goes to show you should always follow your passion it leads to your purpose-thanks Oprah!



Were you a Felicity Fan? Team Ben or Team Noel? 


Things I learned from the Hills

Things I learned from Dawsons Creek

Fitting in Workouts

Owning my own business and working for myself along with planning a wedding can make fitting in workouts daily a challenge. I am a huge scheduler and if I did not schedule things they just wouldn’t get done. Working out is one thing I NEED to do daily. My sanity thanks me for it. I also find that I sleep better if I work out during the day.

So people ask me a lot how I go about fitting in workouts to my busy schedule.

This is how I do it:


How I fit in workouts

1. I start each day knowing that no matter what I am going to work out. If you wake up with that intention than it will happen. When I used to wake up and work out at 5 AM I would lay out my workout clothes, water bottle and shoes etc at night that way I had no excuses. If you are a morning workout person this helps so much.

2. Plan it: Set a reminder in your phone or write in your planner daily what time you will workout, where, with who etc. If you make a daily to do list put it on there. You are far more likely to go through with it if you write it down!

3. Taking group classes helps me a lot. My favorites are barre classes or body pump. When I leave my house knowing I am going to a group class I know I will get pushed harder and get a great workout in. There are times I think “should I go?” “Do I want to?” Sometimes I have to force myself but it’s always worth it!

4. Having a friend or significant other to workout with is a huge help. Andrew and I try to workout together at our gym a few times a week and we are both kept accountable that way. We know that we are going to workout and we stay at the gym till the other person is finished. This also ensures sometimes a longer better workout. I also love to go to barre classes with friends or trail walks. These are great ways to spend time with a friend and get a workout in.

5. At the end of the day remember you never regret a workout but you regret not doing one. Honestly I want that as a sticker on my car hahaha. It’s true though. I never regret working out but I do regret it when I don’t.


What are your tips for making sure you work out?