Favorite Scary Movies

Let me preface this by saying I do not really like the kind of movies that mess with your mind. I tend to like the more old school scary movies. My favorite scary movies may have scared me when I was younger but now are just fun to watch. Especially this week!!! Didn’t you know tomorrow is Halloween? So if you need a scary movie to watch tomorrow night here are my favorites.


1. The Scream Trilogy: First time I saw original scream I was 12. I snuck into the movie with my friends and after the first scene I ran out of the theater. 18 years later and I will most likely watch scream if I see it on any TV channel and watch the entire thing. I plan on making Andrew watch the trilogy Friday night because I haven’t watched it in years all together!

2. Halloween: The Original Halloween was so scary to me in middle school that once at a sleepover with my friend Jordan I made her turn it off. I also did not sleep that night. Now its amusing to watch because it’s so silly. People regard it as one of the scariest movies of all time and at the time it came out I can completely see how that was a very scary movie. Now it’s just fun! *Note this also includes Halloween 2, 5,  The curse of Michael Myers, H20 etc. 3 and 4 did not have Michael Myers.

3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: As a kid living in Texas a part of you always wondered if it really happened. The answer is no it did not. But here is a fun clue: Turn on the original and mute it and make your own lines up with a group of friends. Makes for a good time.

4. The Blair Witch Project: OK so the first time I saw it I threw up mainly because the camera movement made me actually sick in the theater. I never thought: OK this movie is scary but I did think it was real and it only made my reasoning for not ever wanting to camp more realistic. About 2 weeks after it came out I saw the cast on David Letterman and I was like WTH??? Now it’s just fun to watch.

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street: One Two Freddies coming for you….need I say more?


So then I must as you all this important question….


Happily Ever After


Today I have Carrie sharing some amazing Happily Ever After tips! She is such a doll and I love this post! I hope you will too!


Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 11.11.41 AM

image from The ellie Blog
Happily Ever Afters do exist if you are willing to apply these few tips to your marriage. I’m definitely no expert, but I’m here to share with you what has worked in my marriage.

1. Exercise

Some people love it; most people hate it. I get it! It’s hard to get out of your comfy bed and lace up those tennis shoes. The hardest part is starting your workout, for me at least. The best way to start is to create small goals and reward yourself for reaching them. Get a new workout outfit or treat yourself to a massage. It’s not about just looking your best, but feeling your best.

2. Shave those legs and paint your nails! (or whatever it is that makes you feel pretty)

Pamper yourself every now and then. It’s okay to soak in the tub and give yourself a pedicure. Taking a little bit of time for yourself will help you to truly relax and de-stress. It also makes you feel pretty. Take advantage of your femininity. Allow yourself to be the sexy, confident woman your husband fell in love with.

3. Respect Your Husband

This is where so many of us go wrong. As a man, they crave respect. It’s our job as a wife to make our husbands feel respected. Men cannot function properly without this. You can’t nag at him and tear him down and expect him to romance you as he once did. Have a heart to heart with your husband and ask him if there is anything you can do to make him feel more respected in your home. You may be surprised at his response.

4. Speak His Love Language

There is a book called The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman that is a must read for any dating, engaged, or married couples. There are 5 ways in which we show love. All of us have one that we receive better than the others. Figure out each other’s love language to better communicate love to one another. If you aren’t a reader or just don’t have time, click here for an online quiz to help you identify your love language.

5. Communication is Key

This is the most important key to a happy marriage. Talk to each other! When you can be open and honest in your relationship everything is so much better. As Mr. & Mrs. you have to be on the same team.




Hi! My name is Carrie from the bitsy button. I am a Christian housewife that loves my handsome hubby, the art of crochet, photography, a good book, coffee, vegan cuisine, and thrifting.


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Fall Makeup Routine

Fall is here thank gawd! I like to switch up my makeup during seasons and I got a ton of fun new Fall makeup at The Makeup Show I went to in Dallas. I wanted to go with some bolder lips for the Fall, as well as try some different foundation and powder. So here you have it my Fall Makeup Routine:


Fall Makeup Routine


1. Jouer Foundation: I got a sample of this once in a birchbox and loved it and just never bought it again. When I saw it at the Makeup Show and it was majorly discounted I couldn’t pass it up. It’s perfect for Fall. It has great coverage and is light. Two things I look for in foundation. I hate to feel weighed down my makeup.

2. NARS gloss in Chihuahua: I love how dark it looks in the tube but goes on in a perfect medium colored gloss. The perfect mauve. I used this a lot on my honeymoon and it was so wonderful. I have always been a fan of NARS glosses and this is my favorite.

3. Stila Kitten Eyeshadow: I have mentioned before how much I love Stila Kitten Eyeshadow but it really makes my eyes pop and in a very subtle way. It’s a great staple eye shadow and great for the weekday or put a little more on or mix it with something else for a night out.

4. Benefit They’re Real Mascara: So I have heard about how amazing this is for a long time and I finally got some and I love it. It is probably the best Mascara I have ever used. I highly recommend it if you want to give your lashes a little boost.

5. NARS lipstick in Afghan: OK so I love me a bold lip. It took a long time to take that plunge but now I love it. I love the way it looks. This one is one of my favs its a great dark wine color and perfect for Fall. Go invest in it right now!

6. Makeup Forever Translucent Powder: I had a great translucent powder but I wanted something different and when I wandered over to the Makeup Forever counter I couldn’t help but fall in love with this one. I highly recommend it for some great light coverage!


What is your Favorite Beauty item this Fall? 

On Living Together Before Marriage

Before I get to todays post I want to thank the sweet girls who guest posted for me while I was on my honeymoon. We got back Friday and spent most of the weekend catching up on life and seeing my family.

I wanted to discuss something that seems to be taboo among some people. Living together before marriage. Actually we moved in together before we got engaged. If you back that up even more about 3 months into dating Andrew told me he didn’t want me to live anywhere else and I lived with him from then on. We moved into our current home together a year ago. One year exactly as of our wedding day.


I know some people whole heartedly believe you should not live together before marriage and I fully respect those opinions. I just want to share why for US it was the right choice. I am not saying this is for everyone. I am not saying you should do this. I fully believe you should do what you feel right with.

On Living Together Before Marriage and why it Worked for Us:

1. Finances: We had our finances down by the time we got married. We had joined our checking accounts back at the beginning of Summer and we were paying our bills together long before then. We knew each others credit scores early on in our relationship and talked a lot about our financial goals, strengths and weaknesses. I was for sure more of a shopper when we met. I would say I am a great saver now. I hardly ever shop. I mean sure there are things we want but we are very good about discussing purchases. I’m not talking about if Andrew wants to buy a shirt and I want to get a manicure. I mean any purchase over a certain amount of money. Have you ever heard the saying “people go broke one $30 purchase at a time?” We always remember that. Which is why we save as much as we can and never live paycheck to paycheck.

2. Fighting Right: We all have quirks, annoyances, things that tick us off. For example I am completely Type A, Neat Freak OCD! Andrew is super laid back. An example would be that after dinner I immediately like to clean up the kitchen. Andrew likes to relax on the couch. We learned how the other works well. I can’t relax if things are messy. So Andrew compromises and helps me clean up so we can both relax. We also never fight. You may think I am lying but in 2 years together we have had exactly 2 fights. Both occurred late at night when we were exhausted. We never go to sleep angry. That’s a big one for us. We also are very good at telling the other in a calm way when they have upset us. Instead of pitching a fit about every small thing you have to decide “is this the hill I want to die on today?” If Andrew leaves shoes out I can put them in the closet easier than arguing about it. If I’m in a bad mood Andrew can understand I had a rough day and know that a peanut butter cup goes a long way. We also know what each others love language is and how the other person reacts to things. When I am upset I like to be cuddled and coddled. When Andrew is upset he likes to be left alone. That’s OK. If we hadn’t lived together before marriage we would just now be learning these things. We also do not yell, leave or make threats. That is fighting right.

3. Division of Labor: From early on two things were very clear with us. I love to clean and do laundry and keep things orderly. Andrew loves grocery shopping and cooking. I hate to cook. He hates to clean. He cooks, I clean and there is never a discussion or argument about who has what role. That’s not to say I never cook and he never cleans. I love baking and he will happily help me clean the bathrooms and take out the trash. I am also the one who decorates for holidays because lets be real guys don’t care.

4. Decorating Our Place: If you live together after marriage usually you are moving into someones home. His or Hers. We got a place together that was ours meaning we picked out furniture together, decorated together, and agreed on the closet space. You know the 80/20 rule. 80% of the closet is mine 20% is his :) It was nice to put together a gallery wall of things we both love. It really is one thing I look at and love that it fully represents both of our personalities. It has things we both love and pictures of us together that we picked out together. We did make some compromises. For instance Andrew bought me a gorgeous Audrey Hepburn canvas that I wanted above our fireplace. Andrew wanted a huge ocean picture above the TV. Compromise. If you move into someones place as we lived at Andrews place before this place. It never felt like ours. It was his. His furniture, his decor, his stuff. I always felt like an overnight guest even though I lived there. This place feels like home to both of us and from the bedding to throw pillows we picked it all together. Neither one of us feels less like this is our home.

5. The Little Things: There are little things that we would have never known before marriage if we hadn’t lived together. For instance: I am always cold and Andrew is always hot. Our solution: Lots of blankets. Another thing is space. We both love alone time and space. I have an office and Andrew has a study. I work in my office during the day so at night if I want space I usually go in our bedroom and read or watch Netflix and Andrew will stay in the living room. It’s so important to give the other person the space they need. I couldn’t imagine getting in a fight over one of us needing 30 minutes to ourselves. Something that’s also nice is that Andrew takes showers first thing in the morning. I usually do mid day after my work out. We both have loofa’s on a hook in the shower and we try to be courteous to the other person by moving their loofa in front after we are done. Sounds small and like it isn’t a big deal but those small gestures go a long way. Since we first started dating we leave each other little notes on post its everywhere. In shoes, drawers, the bed, the mirror, Andrew will even leave them in my laptop. It’s a nice way to let the other person know you love them and are thinking of them.

6. Making sure it was the right decision: We had to live together first. We had to know if we were gonna kill each other in 3 weeks. Or be able to function together. Thankfully moving from Andrews place, to our place, to getting engaged and now to being married not much has changed. Aside from my last name, our checking accounts and a few rings on our fingers.


These are just a few of the reasons for US it was good to live together before engagement and marriage. I would love to hear opinions and thoughts about what you think, or what you did for your own relationships. I would love to keep this drama free though so if you have something rude to say please do not.


Did you live together before marriage?

7 Things You Learn in Your First Year of Marriage


Clare Brown Mills Jewelry GeodesHappy Honeymoon, Neely! I’m so thankful Neely is letting me guest post here on things you learn from your first year of marriage. I’m Heather and I blog and do social media consulting at My Life Well Loved. My Life Well Loved empowers women to be their best in healthy living, southern style, recipes, faith, beauty and finding balance. Join me on the journey!

Since we’re celebrating Neely’s marriage this week and I’ve been married to my amazing husband for 6 years last month, I thought I’d share some of the things that I had to learn the first year of our marriage.

7 things you learn your first year of marriageThe first year of marriage isn’t easy, but it is so rewarding and exciting. Here’s 7 things I learned during the first year of our marriage:

1. I’m selfish. Sadly enough I realized just how selfish I was during the first year of our marriage. It is so natural to look out for #1. I constantly find myself having to re-learn that I have to give everything I have got to our marriage. It’s not 50/50, it’s 100/100. Just because I’m tired doesn’t mean I should treat my husband any less than how I feel at 100%. It’s hard to remember that in the moment, but I have to remember he can be tired too and everyone wins if we treat the other person like they are the most important person in the world.

2. Compromise is everything. This seems like a “duh” answer until you’re in the thick of an argument, or “discussion” as we like to call it. We have found that normally when we disagree, both parties are at least a little bit right. Being the first to say I’m sorry can be very hard. And yet, it opens up the flood gates for reconciliation. Sometimes, it’s nice just to feel heard or just to remind each other during tough times that “I still love you, I just want to work through this together.”

3. Space is needed. I thought when we first got married that it would be just like when we dated. When we were both home, we would both be cuddled up on the couch, or talking constantly, or holding hands, etc. I quickly learned for my husband’s internal well-being he needed alone time, just as much as I needed interaction. I try to plan one night a week at least where I go out with girlfriends or family and let him have his alone time while I get to catch up with others that I love.

4. Baseline. Set yourself up for success! What is important to you as the foundation of what the two of you hold dear or believe in? For Eric and I, it was very important that we set our baseline solidly plugged into a church to set that foundation for our marriage. We really wanted to invest in a small group to get to know and do life with other like-minded Christian couples. That way we started our marriage out with new couple friends that have proved to be life-long friends so far with similar values to us.

6. Date nights. Date nights are critical to stay plugged in as a power couple. Even though we don’t have kids yet, we find that with multiple jobs and school, it can be hard to get in the quality time that we crave. I’m so thankful for a husband who initiates date nights usually once a week to make sure we are communicating and taking a moment away from home or in our home to be “just the two of us.” No phones, no distractions. I can’t imagine how much more imperative these nights will be once we have kids!

7. Praise is important. Your opinion matters to your spouse more than anyone else in this world; that’s why he picked you to spend the rest of his life with! So, when you think your husband looks cute, does a great job cleaning the house, notices things that make you smile, or makes a smarty pants move at work, TELL HIM! Men love to feel respected by their wives just as much as we adore being loved and doted on. We have found in our marriage that the times it’s hardest to take the time to notice things and give praise are sometimes when it is needed most. When your spouse is stressed, they need to hear affirmation. Give it lovingly and lavishly and I promise you it will be appreciated.

These are just a few of the things I have learned in my 6 years of marriage. I think there are many more things that could be added to this list, so I’d love to hear what the biggest things you learned in your first year of marriage were in the comments below. Please share & then make sure to hop on over and join me in this marriage and life journey!

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Fall TV Show Favorites

So we are a few weeks into Fall TV and I thought I would share my Fall TV Show Favorites of the new shows this year. Hopefully none of them have been canceled yet.


1. Red Band Society: Oh this is a Fall TV show favorite FOR SURE. I was hooked from a few minutes in and each episode has gotten better IMO. The hot doctor who hales from one of my favorite TV shows, Brothers and Sisters mixed with Octavia Spencer and a cast of young teens that are so convincing with their diseases just boils down to a perfect show. The acting is fantastic just like the story lines. I almost feel it should be on the CW because I wonder if the target audience which is probably teens who loved The Fault in Our Stars is watching Fox. But I know a lot my adult friends who love it too.


2. How To Get Away With Murder: The question here is what can Shonda Rhymes do wrong? The answer here is nothing. Some people may be turned off by the flashback and flash-forward theme but I personally love it. I think it’s very interesting how all of these people are so intertwined. Every week I am honestly disappointed when the show is over. I am impatient I do not want to wait!!!

3. Manhattan Love Story: Love the premise of hearing these two peoples inner thoughts while they are out on their dates and interacting with each other. It’s such a fun premise. I worry it will get canceled as the first few episodes had super low ratings but I am hoping the network gives it a chance. I need a cute fun show to fill my HIMYM void.

4. A to Z: So maybe this one will do it? A to Z has THE MOTHER from HIMYM and some awkwardly cute guy that reminds me of the main character in 500 days of Summer. It’s adorable and I loved that they released it so we could watch it even before it premiered on TV. I think this one is a fun premise too because it tells you upfront what is going to happen. PLEASE STAY ON!

5 Madam Secretary: The lack of Tea Leoni in my life has now been fixed and Tim Daly(who should have never been killed off Private Practice) plus the wonderfully talented Bebe Neworth. Great cast, great writing and about politics. I was hooked immediately. If you haven’t tried this one out you really should. Thankfully they paired it with the Good Wife so hopefully there is a good audience there.


What Fall TV Show Favorites are you loving? 

Fall Fashion Musts: In The Office

Today my friend Lynn is taking over the blog. We live in the same city…sorta. We both live in the DFW. Lynn is a newly engaged gal with a Winter wedding around the corner. So I am so thrilled to have her take over. OK back to my mai tai’s.



Hi ya’ll! I’m Lynn, and I used to blog over at Illegally Blonde, but now I have a new blog, Dispositive Motion, where I write about all the newest experiences in my life. I’m a 30ish lawyer who practices in Big Law, lives in Fort Worth, works in Dallas, and did I mention I am planning a wedding too? Neely and I met a couple years ago, and its been so exciting to watch her relationship with A from start to finish. I am so excited to see what is next for the happy couple. So, while they are catching some rays on the beaches of Hawaii, I thought I would share with you my tips for office appropriate fall attire.

I love Fall. Fall Fashion is amazing. I am fall for Fall. Sweaters, leggings, and boots, oh boots how I adore thee! But how do you incorporate all these fabulous things into the office? Well, for one, pretty sure the leggings are out for the normal Monday thru Thursday. Now, if you office has casual Friday, here is your chance. The key is the right pair of leggings and how you pair them.


Go for a structured legging. Think more leather or ponte rather than cotton, Lululemon comfy lounge leggings. I grabbed a couple of pairs from White House Black Market and they work perfectly for casual Friday. Pair them with a classic white button down and structured blazer, add some cute booties and you have casual Friday made for Fall!


My next obstacle is the sweater. And now I don’t mean the easy angora, cotton, cashmere type that pair perfectly with nice slacks, I mean the chunky cable-knit type. I live for these. They keep me warm in an over-cold office, and just scream Fall. I try to pair them with simple, sleep, more form-fitting pencil skirts. The key is proportion. If you do over-sized on top, them keep is slim on the bottom. Add some tights with your heels and call it a day! I’ll often add a cute belt to draw in my waist and add some flare to the outfit.


Lastly, the boot/bootie. I was hesitant to add these into my office wardrobe last Fall, but I found it worked wonderful. I loved wearing my suede tall boots with longer skirts and dresses. I just wore them with tights to avoid the awkward pale leg and to deemphasize the gap between hemline and boot line. I also wore them with longer dresses and skirts so as to avoid the Julia Roberts, a la, Pretty Woman look. As for booties, I wore them just like I did my heels. I have two pairs of peep-toe bootie pumps that became staples for my office attire.


Marriage Advice with Meghan

Today I have one of my dearest friends Meghan to talk a little about marriage advice while I am sipping a mai tai and reading probably my 9th book of the week. Meghan and her husband are two of the most amazing people I have ever met and I adore them so!!


Hi there! I’m Meghan, and I blog (very infrequently now that I am a mother!) over at The Perfect Compilation Tape.  Neely and I met many, many moons ago, and have traveled quite a bit together.  Fun fact?  Whenever we travel, we find a barre class to take together – even if it means getting up at 5:00 a.m. while on vacation.  Anywho, I am so thrilled for her and her new HUSBAND! Congrats, Neely and A!

Since she’s off honeymooning in one of my favorite places in the world, I am excited to guest post for her and share my “Top 5″ pieces of marriage advice.

#TBT to about one month ago when the husband & I went to a wedding. I'd give my left arm for a date night right about now. Life is incredibly hectic for both of us right now, & we're operating on opposite schedules, but there's an end in sight!
(This is Mike, my bearded husband of almost six years.  We just had our first baby – a girl – last fall, and it’s been a wild ride moving into the next chapter of our marriage!)
I am certainly no expert, but here are a few tips that I have learned myself over the years, and I try to keep these in mind each day.
5.)  Keep things in perspective.
From wedding planning to buying a home to having a baby, life can be stressful and chaotic.  But honestly?  I don’t remember what type of flowers I carried down the aisle.  I feel silly that I got so mad at Mike when he forgot his driver’s license at our closing.  And the 3am argument over what to do with the screaming baby?  It’s a total blur.  But I do remember how I felt when I saw Mike for the first time on our wedding day.  And I remember that first night in our new home and how excited we were.  And I will always remember how Mike looked at me while I was in labor.  And it’s those moments I try and focus on when life gets crazy.
4.) Date each other.
This is easier said than done, in my opinion, but so necessary.  Now that Mike and I have a baby, this is a little harder for us to schedule.  But it’s so important to have time alone.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I knew we needed to work on this when we were at a funeral a few weeks ago, and I realized that the funeral was the most time we spent together alone in weeks.  Crazy, right?  As a result, we’re in the process of finding a baby-sitter so we can get out of the house and have dinner without worrying about our daughter throwing food on the floor:)
3.) Choose your battles.
Mike and I are polar opposites in a lot of ways.  I would rather travel / he would rather stay home.  I am a neat freak / he’s messy.  And despite the fact that he leaves his crap everywhere, I’ve come to realize that it’s not worth making a federal case over it.
2.) Learn your spouse’s communication style – and respect it.
See #3.  We’re polar opposites.  Therefore, if we get into an argument, I am the type who wants to resolve it immediately.  Mike needs time to cool off.  So, as hard as it is, I’ve learned that I need to respect his space when he asks for it.
1.)  Laugh.  At yourself.  At each other.  A lot.
If there is one thing we know how to do, it’s laugh.  Marriage doesn’t always need to be so serious.  Have a little fun.  Relax.