Friday Five

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Another round of Friday Five. So glad today is Friday because I sure need a night of homemade pizza, glass of wine and some couch time with my love.

1. Essie Spring Polish: I have been obsessed with the color, Sunday Funday. It’s been on my toes constantly the last few weeks and I love the bright coral/pink-ness of it! So perfectly Spring pretty!


2. Our patio: We got new Patio furniture and we got a little decor for it as well and thanks to my friend Taylor we also have a cute plant! Its been so nice to sit out there at night when A gets home from work or on weekends and grill, relax and have a drink or just read. I also love that its next to my office so I still get wifi out there. Great place to blog!


3. iBlog magazine: Put together by some of the best people I know its a great new magazine for bloggers! I was lucky enough to be given a subscription and I love when it arrives in my mailbox. I usually power through it that day. You should for sure look into getting a subscription!


4. Not shopping: I’ve been a much needed spending freeze lately. This time I didn’t do a no spending at all for 2 months or anything just majorly scaling back and its been nice. Especially for my bank account.  Plus its nice to be able to really ask myself if its a want vs a need. Do I need more lipgloss? No. Do I want that Starbucks that I rarely treat myself to? YES!

5. My Office: I really love my office. I plan to do a post soon on an official office tour but I just love how cozy and ME it is. It’s got so many personal touches. So many things that make it feel homey to me.


What are you up to this weekend?

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