Coffee Talk


Happy Friday lovely readers! I wanted to take a chance and have a little coffee talk with you guys today in hopes you chat back be in here or on Twitter or Instagram. Just use the hashtag #CoffeeTalkwithACWOM if you do.


Today I want to use this Coffee Talk and talk about things I am proud of myself for. I encourage you to do the same. I think so often we as women can look at ourselves and focus on the negative. What we aren’t doing right, what we aren’t good at etc. So today let’s change that.

I am proud of myself for:

1. Holding my own in my relationship: Both in the home and financially. I contribute to half of our income and pay my portion of our bills. As a woman who owns her own business I think that is very fortunate. I am also an extremely independent person. I get that from my mom. I am so proud that I am able to hold my own financially, hold my own by doing more than half of the work around our home and hold my own intelligence wise. Andrew is very smart and I love our discussions we have about life events.

2. Starting my own company: I am so proud that I decided to start my own company. It isn’t easy. Some days it’s really really hard. Some days I have cried because I am worried and stressed. But those day’s are just a fraction of the times I am so happy and so wonderfully excite about my career.

3. Being financially responsible: I have not always been financially responsible. But I am proud of myself for changing my ways when I did and being able to put money away every month, pay my bills and own my own car, pay my student loans and buy the things I want to buy. I have learned the difference between wants and needs. I do not ALWAYS buy things because I need them but I do know the difference. It is so important to learn that.


Tell me something you are proud of yourself for and lets have some coffee talk. Coffee not required but always accepted here.


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