Blogging was like…

When I started blogging 5 years ago blogging was like….


Not very many giveaways and a group giveaway was unheard of because to enter a giveaway you had to leave separate comments for everything

No one had sidebar sponsors aside from maybe a blogher ad and those were reserved for MEGA HUGE bloggers!

People commented and responded more

Seeing a sponsored post was something you just did not see because blogging wasn’t about making money

No one was very focused on numbers and the only way to really measure numbers was through google friend connect

Pinterest was invite only

Instagram did not exist

Neither did google plus

Stumbling was reserved for drunk nights home

People did a lot of centering their words(guilty) and changing font colors mid post(guilty again)

Cartoon headers were HUGE

Music on blogs drove you nuts

Blogging was like….something we did just for fun and because we really wanted everyone to know about our weekends

It was the best day ever when your blog got 10 comments

Linkups were something you did every single day

The thought of 1,000 followers seemed unheard of  and something that would never happen

I do not remember there being blog cliques or maybe I was too new to notice

I love blogging but sometimes it’s funny to look back 5 years and remember when blogging was like…. a different world!


When did you start blogging? What do you remember it being like??



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